Welcome to my website, my name is Sergio Crippa and I live in Sesto San Giovanni - Milan, Italy.

I have been a collector from many years, but it is only from 1996 that I collect razor blades, and the research of these items has become a passion for me.

Here you can see my collection of Italian razor blades, collected and classified according to the "Catalogue of Italian razor blades" by Alfonso Tozzi.

Of course, your idea, advice or eventual explanation, will be highly appreciated. Should you be, like me, keen on this collection, and interested in trades, please have a look at my duplicate and write to me, specifying which are the items you are interested in, as well as sending pictures of your duplicate.

Finally arrived !!! After months of hard work for us, a long wait for you, we want to announce to all lovers of the world of collectors and especially razor blades, and also to those who want to begin to get into this fantastic world, that in the early days of October 2011 will be available the new CATALOG RAZOR BLADES (produced or marketed in Italy). If you would like some information, please contact me.
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